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And that’s it summer is gone cry

Imagine all the picnics that you could have had but weren’t able to because of the restrictions that covid had put in place for us? Yes, it’s a sad thought…. So come take advantage of the new relaxed level 1 government regulations regarding social gatherings without putting yourself at risk to get infected. A picnic is the perfect way to have some outdoor fun and have human interaction (but from a distance) while still sharing an intimate moment with your closest friends in a safe way.

This is the perfect opportunity to make up for all that lost time! Come enjoy our selection of our favourite Galencia wines paired with great music and even better food! RSVP today to join us as we say goodbye to summer at our Galencia Picnic date!

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Galencia Property,

It’s moments like this when our employees show gratitude for the positive impact that the company has made in their lives by providing them with a decent livelihood, through catchy songs that make the hardship of our daily lives worth it.

Our amazing company grows day by day through the hard work of each bricklayer, all the way to the sales agents that will present our final product to you with the utmost pride and assistance from every key department in between.

Galencia Property, we lead the future lifestyle.