About Galencia Properties

Chengdu Galencia Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Huaqiao Fenghuang Group. With the support of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and the Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, it has developed a comprehensive complex project of “Chinese Business Financial Center“ including residential, commercial, office, entertainment and transportation center.

It is the core port of the “level Tianfu New District” financial headquarters, and the CBD center of Chengdu Financial City, with a total construction area of nearly 400,000 square meters and thorough height of 186 meters.

The perfect functions and noble configuration have become the business center of global Chinese entrepreneurs.



Focusing on the spirit of craftsmanship and attaching great importance to talent training, Galencia is committed to creating the most satisfying real estate for customers in the world with the mission of maintaining the highest market standards, while putting service first.


Adhering to the core philosophy of good people work with good people, good companies work with good companies, the enterprise endeavors to innovate good products, create good quality, and to use advanced concepts, while working diligently to provide products and services, in order to attract and gather outstanding elites and excellent enterprises, gather capital and wisdom for common development.

Corporate Behaviour

Communication, commitment and customer care are our core values & we serve our customers and society with honesty, integrity, knowledge and ingenuity, and exceed customer expectations.


The sole purpose of the Foundation is to benefit the community and add value to Galencias community social responsibilities.

Through learning, research and teaching, we provide scholarships, bursaries and training to promote the development of knowledge and skills in real estate, engineering and other related industries.

The Galencia Foundation has nurtured many elites in developing industries, shared the fruits of years of expertise and experience, and gradually transformed South Africas workforce.


We value talents and abilities: if you have a dream and the will and abilities to achieve it, then no matter where you come from, you are welcome in Galencia. We are fair: the right people for the right job, your talents will not be squandered, we will always set the stage that matches your capabilities. We are dedicated to our staff: we retain people through pay, through business, through affection, and strive to make Galencia your second home.

Email Address: hr1@galencia.co.za
Contact Number: 011 805 0848

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